Malta Citizenship Programme

Malta Citizenship Programme (I.I.P.)

The Malta Citizenship Programme (Individual Investors Programme a.k.a. IIP) has been developed for high net worth individuals around the world who are considering the luxury of obtaining citizenship in a neutral and highly respected European country – the Republic of Malta.

The Malta Citizenship Programme, a.k.a Individual Investors Programme (I.I.P.) is offering international investors a unique opportunity where they may benefit from Maltese & European citizenship, and enjoy the advantages associated with such a title.  Under this programme, once approved, applicants will be awarded Maltese citizenship together with a Maltese passport after giving their contribution to Malta’s National Development & Social Fund as part of the eligibility criteria.

Malta has gained recognition as an excellent jurisdiction for international business and rightly so.  This is one of the reasons which led to the programme being given the green light from the European Union.  It is currently the only naturalisation programme to have obtained the European Union’s official approval.

Whilst benefitting the individual investor himself,  the programme also benefits the country of Malta whereby applicants for Malta citizenship will be making an investment & contribution to the Maltese economy.   Not dissimilar to investment programmes that have been made available in other European countries before, Malta’s Individual Investors Programme is easily Europe’s most attractive, and cost-effective naturalisation offering.

Eligibility for application of the Malta Citizenship Programme (Individual Investors Programme), requires the applicant(s) to be represented by Accredited Persons who will submit the application on their behalf.  An accredited person is required to be an employee or director of an ‘Authorized Registered Mandatory (ARM) company, which is itself subject to licensing by the Government of Malta.  ARM companies must be in possession of a recognised professional qualification whilst providing a professional indemnity cover of €1m.

The programme is being managed by a Maltese Government entity called Identity Malta, who handle processing of the applications and the scheme is capped at 1,800 applicants yet may be extended at the discretion of the minister.

Benefits of the Malta Citizenship Programme
  • Visa-free travel to over 160 countries around the world, including the United States (U.S.A) & Canada
  • Establish yourself and start a new life in Europe – you can live and also work in all the 28 European Union countries as well as in Switzerland
  • Malta is a stable, safe, and a well-respected and neutral EU country, making safety issues negligible
  • Citizens of Malta who are not domiciled in Malta are taxable on a remittance basis only, giving a clear tax efficient solution to aspiring Maltese citizens
  • Maltese citizens enjoy a good quality of life
  • Malta enjoys a high-level education system for children
  • No wealth, inheritance or gift tax is applicable, so transfers of assets are not eroded by government imposed taxes
  • The program follows a reliable and efficient application procedure which is transparent and disallows malpractice or abuse.
Citizenship Applicants will be asked for the following contributions:
  • €650,000 as a donation to the National Development and Social Fund, of which €10,000 will be a non-refundable deposit.
  • €350,000 property acquisition (or €16,000 in rent annually)
  • €150,000 in government stocks.
  • €25,000 for every Spouse and/or every child under 18 years of age
  • €50,000 for each unmarried child between 18-25 and/or parents above 55 years
  • Due diligence fees (€7,500 for the applicant, €5,000 for the spouse, parent and over-18 children, and €3,000 for children under 18 years of age)
  • Passport fees of €500 per person
  • Bank charges of €200 per person
Malta Citizenship Applicants & dependents must fullfil these criteria:
  • Clean criminal record
  • Must not be indicted or have appeared before the International Criminal Court
  • Cannot be or have been wanted by INTERPOL
  • Must not be an “enemy of the State” or “potential threat” to Malta’s independence, national security or reputation
  • Must not have pending charges or have been found guilty on crimes of terrorism, terrorist funding, crimes against humanity, war crimes, crimes against the European Convention of Human Rights
  • Cannot have been charged or found guilty of paedophilia, defilement of minors, rape, violent indecent assault, inducing persons under age to prostitution, and abduction; or other offences that disturb the good order of the family
  • Malta Citizenship Programme applications must come with a medical certificate confirming that applicants and dependents are not suffering “from any contagious disease and that they are otherwise in good health”
Malta Citizenship Notes for Applicants:
  • A personal interview with an applicant is not a mandatory requirement, but may considered by Identity Malta, on a case-by-case basis
  • Applicants who provide false information, have a criminal record, are subject to a criminal investigation, are a potential national security risk, involved in an activity that could cause disrepute to Malta, or were denied a visa to a country with whom Malta has visa-free travel shall not be approved for citizenship, unless Identity Malta is satisfied that the applicant is still worthy of being considered for approval due to special circumstances to be demonstrated by the applicant
  • The background check from the legal representative is carried out over 90 days (three months), and then reviewed by Identity Malta for further background checks over 30 days, and issues its recommendation to the minister. A personal interview with the applicant may be carried out. Within five days of approval, the applicant must pay the required fees, and five days later take the oath of allegiance
  • The minister can revoke the ‘golden passport’ awarded as part of the Malta Citizenship Programme if the applicant has become a threat to national security or is involved in conduct that is seriously prejudicial to Malta’s vital interests
Malta Citizenship Programme Update

Under the new changes from the original law as proposed, applicants for the Malta Citizenship Programme will not enjoy any privileged secrecy and must also reside in Malta for a period of 1 year before they are given the passport. That said, the government will not be strict with the 1 yr residency rule and has not even made reference to the 183 day rule. If an applicant is interested in the scheme it may be recommended for him to visit Malta and rent an apartment in his name so that the one year period may be initiated immediately.

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